Using SNAP using Python Interface

I have been trying to configure SNAP for use in Python scripts. This is the documentation I was following :

However as the document says go to the bin folder of installation directory. I have not been able to find any such folder.

As a result I am not able to run the following command : $ ./snappy-conf

Can anyone help as to how to configure in Ubuntu.

During SNAP installation you have the choice where SNAP should be installed.
Mine is at USER_HOME/snap/
Maybe yours too?

If you don’t have ~/snap/bin/snappy-conf there are ways to search your storage for snappy-conf:

  1. slow, no configuration needed, and you will get lots of permission denied messages:
$ find / -name "snappy-conf"
  1. fast, but may require some setup to generate an index that will be useful for other searches:
$ locate snappy-conf

You may get a message telling to run some setup to create a filename database, if you have problems, see