Using the Arctic DEM for external DEM terrain Correction?

I am working on processing some Sentinel 1 images in Alaska and am trying to use an external DEM. I was hoping to use the Arctic DEM:, but have had quite a hard time so far.

I have downloaded the appropriate tiles from the website, merged and clipped them to the area I am interested in, but am now trying to project this DEM into GCS_WGS_1984 from Polar_Stereographic using ArcMap before terrain flattening with this DEM. However it is giving me no options for geographic transformations. What am I missing? Could I leave this DEM in polar_stereographic for terrain flattening?

Did you face up any problem, while applying TerrainFlattining using this DEM in SNAP? (without re-project)


Are you doing work on sea ice or on the land ?. If working on sea ice, you do not necessarily need DEM to perform terrain correction. You can use ellipsoid correction as there is not elevation on sea ice.

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