Validating File and Data type in Python?

I’'m looking to do some File and Data type validation in Python. I’m overwhelmed by the number of options to do this. What is your favourite way (code, use a specific package/library) to check if:

  1. What the imported file type in Python is (e.g. check if its CSV)
  2. If the column in the CSV file is char, int etc?

If you are looking to extract .csv files only you can use glob

import glob

# Filter for CSV file in "my_folder"
csv_files = glob.glob('.../my_folder/*.csv')

I suggest using the pandas library if you will be manipulating CSV or spreadsheet data. It will make your life much easier and it is widely used.

import pandas as pd

# Load CSV file into dataframe
df = pd.read_csv('my_csv.csv')
# Get column datatype (Int, String, Float, etc)

Hope this will help you to know more about…importing csv file