vector container


I can not change vector container in a new installed SNAP ver.8

It means it is possible if you change vector container after each vector digitalisation but if you digitize many vectors on in one container it is blocked.

Do you have the same or I do soemthing wrong.

Thanks in advance Beata

with “change the container” you mean digitizing new vectors in the same container or switchinig between the containers?

Have you seen this?

source: Landcover classification with Sentinel-1 GRD

Hi Andreas,
Thanks it works of course!

I changed vector layer in left box “product explorer” not in “Layer Manager”

I give the students
but Shaun digitized training files consistently and does not go back to already digitized classes
BTW is there anywhere tutorial about classification with Sentinel-2?

simillar to this you mentioned:
Landcover classification with Sentinel-1 GRD

best regards Beata

I have also always wondered how people do that :sweat_smile: Maybe it depends on the operating system and how Java responds to user input. There’s currently no ESA tutorial on classification with Sentinel-2, but there are a couple of others around. I can’t say much about their quality though.

Thanks again, have a nice weekend in this difficult times, but but luckily for us, remote work is actually normal :wink:

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