'Vector data not located within scence boundaries' error

I have been trying to import a single co-ordinate into SNAP through the ‘Import Vector from CSV’ tab, but when I try to import the data I’m being greeted with the error message below.

I understand that this is telling me that the raster scene that I have loaded into SNAP does not contain the location of the co-ordinate I’m trying to import, but I don’t understand why this is occurring. I am acquiring my data from the ASF Search Vertex and all scenes downloaded appear to cover my study area.

I’m sure that I’m making a very simple mistake so I have attached the CSV file that I’m importing below. It was created using Notepad++

Any help or guidance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

NOTEPAD TEST 2.txt (48 Bytes)

In your example file the longitude value is positive, but it should be negative to be located within your product.

If you want wo work with single points, I suggest using the Pin Manager to import your points.
In addition to the coordinates, you must provide a name.

This is an example of such a file:
points.txt (148 Bytes)

Thanks for the response. I believe for my study area both my co-ordinates should be negative values.

I have tried to import the point as a pin as you suggested which worked, but the pin is still situated outside the study area. I’m now wondering if this is a data issue as the scenes downloaded do both cover my study area.

Mmh. Strange.
To me it seems the bottom image shows only a part of the whole scene shown in ASF.
From a distance, it’s hard to tell what’s wrong here.