Vector Export operator in Graph Builder

Hi, I am trying to find a way how to export geometry to shapefile in graph (batch processing). For example, during glacier velocity mapping using Offset-Tracking operator (+ some preprocessing) a vector point layer is created. I would like to run the graph in batch and have the point layer exported to ESRI Shapefile. I have not found the way to do this except in the GUI one by one. Have I just overlooked some operator?

is it an option to directly address the csv file created by the offset tracking module? It is in the folder of the output product under vector_data and stores the coordinates, orientations and velocities.

Thank you, I know about this option, but I was wondering if there is an operator equivalent or similar to Geometry as shapefile that can be added to the graph.

I don’t know one, sorry.

Thank you, anyway. I guess it is not available but it would certainly be useful to have one like that.

Yes, such an operator is missing. We have it already on our list for further development (SNAP-568).

Hi, there, I can not add the velocity direction vectors to the velocity map, I can not see the coregsistered GCP movement vector. Is there any suggestions please!!!