Vertical displacement values error?


I’ve created a vertical displacement map for my ROI, according to the Nest tutorial in Ruhr area. (I only changed the wavelength 55 mm because Sentinel datas)

Picture shows the vertical displacement between

  1. 7th of June and 19th of June.
  2. 7th of June and 1th of July
  3. 19th of June and 1th of July

For the 1st and 2nd pictures I understand the trends of the values, both subsidience (somehow I find 1.5-3 cm too much, anyway…)
But according to these two, the 3. picture should show minimum displacement around 5-6 mm.

It looks like senseless datas. Does anyone else same problem? or solution for it? Thanks

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Are the master and the slvae colect ? Maybe colect !

I also have similer problem.
I use three SLC data as below for DinSAR analysis.


The result of A&B and B&C shows reverse fringe pattern.

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yes, they are master-slave pair, under 100 baseline.

Did you check InSAR Stack Overveiw ?
(Redar -> Interferometric ->InSAR Stack Overveiw)
Some time it shows Master and slave are reverse.
I think this may relate the analysis result.
Do you have any idea ?

Hello guys!!!

I was making the estimate to displacement for the movement of one fault in Venezuela, but i don’t know if is correct.

Can you help me with this???