Very slow navigation


Hi all,

Since this subsection is focused on different topics like the forum itself, I make this post to know if I’m the only one who gets trouble to use the forum from time to time due to very very slow response time , often leading to 504 Gateway Time-out errors.

Ironically, when I wanted to make the topic, I also had this issue


Unfortunately we struggle a lot with such error in the recent past. We try to fix as soon as possible.
You are not the only one.


Good to hear :slight_smile:


Had the same problem for the last days. Good to know that you are working on it


Have been really struggling with for the last week or so - connection time outs and unspecified login failures etc which I imagine is related. I tried to post here a few days ago but couldn’t log in! Today seems much better though so guessing ya’ll might have fixed it.


In the past it broke over night. Most often in the early morning hours (UTC). Let’s wait and hope the best.


Yea, just to let you know - am having issues again this morning