Viev zenith/View azimuth

I performed reading out for points from Sentinel 2 and I noticed that view zenith and view azimuth is different for every spectral resolution. I couldn’t find any dependence beetwen this data and I can’t find any information in guides for S2. I only found something like mirror image its mean when view zenith is the smallest, view azimuth is the biggest (look in the image below)

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Hallo Kiryl23,

each band of S2-MSI has its own sensor and its own position in the focal plane. The bands are not perfectly aligned. Therefore each band has its own footprint and consequently its own viewing geometry. The differences are small and from my point of view a second order effect or may be only a third order effect. There are also given the mean viewing angles which I use for my processing.
Geometric calibration georeferences all bands to match on the common pixels. Therefore you get the spectrum from the same surface area with the L1C product (within the georeferencing uncertainty).



Thank you so much bdpg