Warning during interferometry

When I run the interferometric formation with coregistration stack as the input, I got the message “Input should be a single look complex SLC product”. Could you please someone give me a hint for the correct input?

What is your input products? This error is shown when you try to do InSAR without something that is not single look complex data.

Dear Iveci, you are absolutely right. Today, I realized that I had used MGD (Multi Look product of terrasar-x) instead of terrasar-x SSC data. I have already ordered many MGD data, so I have to use them to produce interferometry.

Is there any way to convert my multi look data into single look complex format in order to use it in SNAP?

No, I guess that’s like asking if I could get my beer back after I’ve drank it.

You need the phase information to do interferometry which is no longer there in the MGD.


lveci, thank you for the info which you gave me. I also congratulate you for the well-prepared interferometry tutorial document. That’s really useful.