Water quality parameters from Sentinel-2


I am interested in knowing which water quality parameters can be extracted from Sentinel-2. I am not looking for indices but physical variables. For example:

  • Chlorophyll-a levels
  • Turbidity
  • Total Absorption
  • The Harmful Algal Bloom Indicator

I am aware that the best option in SNAP is using the C2RCC tool. Which parameters does it output? Any other option I may be missing?


C2RCC extracts some IOPs and transparency bands, together with chlorophyll and TSM concentrations: Neural Nets – C2RCC

Other possibilities with S2 are Acolite and Polymer:
HYGEOS - polymer.

NASA has the l2gen available in SeaDas


I need to process several S2 tiles with the C2RCC processor. I wonder what is better to do, mosaic all the tiles together (dont think this is a good idea due to size that mosaic will end up having) or process each one individually and then merge the output?

Any ideas on this?

I would recommend to process first with C2RCC and later do the mosaic.
I am not sure if it will work the other way around, maybe could you try with two scenes and share your experience?