Wave-like pattern in H-Alpha Dual Pol Decomposition Results


Does anyone encounter the following wave-like pattern in your H-Alpha Dual Pol Decomposition Results?

The processing was applied on a Sentinel-1 image with the following flow:

P.S. I also tried adding Multilook before Terrain-Correction to see if the pattern will disappear, but unfortunately, it persists.

Any ideas?

looks like Terrain Correction had a strong impact because of topography. Do these wave-like patterns coincide with terrain? Also, is your image taken from a mountainous area?

Hi @ABraun,

Yes, the image is over a mountainous area.

And yes, the wave-like pattern coincides with the terrain. I include two figures below covering the same extent. You can see different sides of the mountain have different patterns.

Then this is the reason for the patterns. The pixels are shifted to their correct location but this makes these weird lines.