WDVI processor

I was wondering who is taking care of some mistakes in the SNAP Toolbox.
The WDVI processor (in the Vegetation Radiometric Indices) uses the following equation: WDVI = (IR_factor * near_IR - g * red_factor * red), with a default value for the slope of the soil line: g = 0.5. This slope is soil type specific.
As I am the creator of the original WDVI index, the default value is misleading since this is an unrealistic value. Users always have to change this value (for soils the NIR is almost always higher than the Red, and not only half of it). A more realistic value for g would be β€œ1.5”, offering the possibility to users to really use this as a default.
Jan Clevers (Wageningen University)


Hi Jan,
thank you for your report. I have just created an issue in order to check it.

Hello, any update on this ? On my version (6.0.9) the g is still 0.5
Thanks a lot

It’s corrected in SNAP 7.0.

Thanks for the information!