Weird effect on interferogram fringes


I made an interferogram which looked alright, however when I use terrain correction there is a weird pixelated effect appearing on fringes, what am I doing wrong ?


EDIT : I tried other terrain correction method and weirdly, the only one which didn’t give this effect was Nearest Neighbour…

I would not be surprised that interpolation returns errors, the fringes have jumps in their values. If you interpolate between the jump you will end up with a meaningless value. Nice example for why nearest neighbor is a good interpolation for measurements.

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Do you think perhaps it could be caused by the slice-assembly step ? There doesn’t seem to be the same issue when I’m working on only one S1 product

I agree with @Unmanaged0292 that the pixelated effect was caused by the interpolation of pixels at place where the phase jumps. Try to set the “Image Resampling” field to “NEAREST_NEIGHBOUR” in the terrain correction UI and see if it helps:

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Yes you’re spot on, that was what I tried and it worked ! It’s in my edit. But I’m wondering why this happens with the slice assembly but not on the two different products independentely

what do you mean with only one S1 Product? Can you give a complete description of your processing steps in each case?