What happened to the 'GEOMETRIC_QUALITY_FLAG' metadata property?

Dear all,

I have realised that on recent Sentinel-2 MSI Level-1C images, the metadata property called GEOMETRIC_QUALITY_FLAG has disappeared. I was relying on this property to discard images with poor georeferencing accuracy. Has this property been replaced with the property quality check = passed/failed. Is there another field in the metadata that can inform users whether the image passed/failed the geometric QA?

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PS: I retrieve my S2 images with Google Earth Engine’s Python wrapper

Hello @kvos

When you say “recent” how recent do you mean? Have you checked the same Tile on the Copernicus catalogue? Does it affect S2A AND S2B? To check, I’ve looked at the Copernicus Hub and checked the Product Details of S2A_MSIL1C_20190225T230021_N0207_R058_T59KKU_20190226T001331 - so a product from yesterday. The Product Details filed shows me:

Format: SAFE

Format correctness: PASSED

General quality: PASSED

Generation time: 2019-02-26T00:13:31.000000Z

Geometric quality: PASSED

This information is represented in the QI_DATA GEOMETRIC_QUALITY XML reports found in the DATASTRIP and GRANULE folders.



Jan Jackson
S2MPC Operations Manager

Thank you Jan for the swift reply.

I checked on the Copernicus Hub as well and the metadata is there. It must be a problem with Google Earth Engine’s database, apologies I will post this issue on the GEE forum (you can remove/close this issue).

To answer your question, the last image in the GEE database to have the field GEOMETRIC_QUALITY_FLAG was aquired on the 22/10/2017.

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