What is the difference between PolSARpro and SNAP

I looked for this question in the web and couldn’t fine any reference.
Regarding Sentinel 1 data what capabilities do PolSARpro has that SNAP don’t, or vice versa?

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PolSARpro is specialized in the analysis of fully-polarimetric data (HH,HV,VH,VV). Not many sensors offer this, but it allows the extraction of scattering mechanisms and many other advanced methods.

SNAP, in turn, is more the allrounder. You can load almost any SAR data, pre-process it, calibrated it, filter it, terrain correct it, and so on.

Maybe you can tell us your aims and we can give more concrete recommendations.

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Thank you for your prompt response!
I want to use Sentinel 1 SLC data (IW mode with VV and VH polarization) for unsupervised classification between land, water or crop (doesn’t matter which).
Does H/alpha decomposition can help me?
Will be very happy to here any approach for this problem

Then you might want to have a first look at these two tutorials:

The second tutorial was based on quad-pol Radarsat-2 data, so you cannot fully replicate all the steps, but there area dual-pol operators as well.

Working with S1 polarimetry requires some more pre-processing

  • TOPS Split
  • TOPS Deburst
  • Calibration (complex output)
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Thank you!
Will definitely look into that tutorials