What is the most correct image? A or B

to study displacement of the land due to an earthquake (6.4 Mw) in the sea, I have used 3 sentinel1 images (the same master -before the earthquake- and slave image different -after the earthquake- ). I want to know which interferogram image the most correct, A or B ? for displacement map of A was 28 mm, but for the image B was 9 cm !!


Maybe you can refine your question. We don’t know the situation of the earthquake so we cannot interpret the interferograms at detail. Simply comparing two outputs makes little sense. DInSAR is sensitive to many parameters and prone to many error sources, so only those who processed the data can tell more about their quality.

The one in the bottom is not unwrapped yet (still in radians) and has some obvious processing bias.

I can recommend these, especially the practical recommendations: InSAR Principles: Guidelines for SAR Interferometry Processing and Interpretation (ESA TM-19)