What is the newest version of snappy

In my environment it is 8.0.0 and my SNAP version is 8.0.3
Is there any new version like 8.0.3?
or I have to reinstall it?

No, this is the latest version. Nothing has changed.

Okay, Thank you!

BTW, excuseme sir.
How can I uninstall snappy in anaconda

I think simply by deleting the snappy directory in the site-packages folder.
Haven’t worked with Python, since quite some time. So I’m not absolutely sure.

Sure, thank you, I really appreciate your help.

Deleting the snappy directory should work for ESA SNAP snappy, as it doesn’t install any scripts. In general, python -m pip uninstall <package> is recommended, but because there are other packages called snappy, it is important to verify the contents of the snappy directory before deleting it.

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Thank you dude