What is the tool executable?

I know this has been posted many times but I just can’t understand the discussions. I am a beginner to python and remote sensing. I have been trying my best to replicate the solution attempts but have been getting more confused.

I use windows. I installed Sen2Cor_v2.11 according to the instructions of this tutorial. And even though apparently python/anaconda isn’t necessary anymore, I also downloaded anaconda3 following this tutorial.

I moved the downloaded sen2cor folder to my work folder. Prompting L2A_process in cmd does not yield any errors. There is also a sen2cor folder in my documents, as it should be.

From what i understand, this enables me to use sen2cor in a Python environment. As I am not acquainted with it, I want to work with sen2cor in SNAP. I followed the instructions of the above EO tutorial. It gives me the famous error “tool executable not found! Verify that the adapter bundle is installed or the tool location is correct.”

What is the tool executable? What is the adapter bundle? Where do I specify them?