What is this UFO over Point Reyes California USA?

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am new at looking at Sentinel 2 satellite images and new at using SNAP. Is this what it looks like when a satellite passes below in a lower orbit when Sentinel 2 is snapping a picture? I see a shadow of the UFO on the ocean below. The UFO is not the shape of a airplane. I don’t understand the vapor trail in front and behind the UFO is that glint in the lens while snapping the picture? Please forgive my layman terms: shadow, glint and lens I know the instruments are more sophisticated. I downloaded the image because we have had heavy rains and I wanted to see the sediment plume flowing out the Russian River and into the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you for Copernicus, the Sentinel Constellation, SNAP, the Operations Center and this forum. I am learning so much about the world around me. Leland

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Thank you for all of the YouTube video tutorials that taught me how to download data and use SNAP. The HELP menu item in SNAP is also great I like that it show the algorithm, explains the processor and contains realistic examples of the options and preloaded templates for the S2 to MCl. I appreciate everything so much. Leland


Hi Leland
I believe what you are seeing is just a cloud and a contrail. If you look closely at the RGB, you can see the shadow of the cloud and the contrail on the water surface at about the 11 o’clock position - it shows as a darker shade of blue in comparison to the rest of the sea around it. In the image below, the shadow is present in the B2 (top):

I believe the glint you are referring to is a consequence of the viewing geometry of the individual detector in the image; it is far less in the detector immediately to the right of the cloud (middle image). Information on the staggered detector configuration of the MSI instrument can be found in the Product Specifictions Document (PSD) in the Document Library.

The bottom image in the tryptch is the detector footprint mask visualised in SNAP.

I hope this is of value to you.


S2 MPC Operations Manager

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@Jan Thank you. Leland