what Mask out areas without elevation is

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I’m currently writing a script to automate Calibration and Terrain Correction of SAR GRD datasets.

I’m struggling to find any documentation on what the parameters are named to pass into the GPF.createProduct() methods, they don’t line up with the names used within the SNAP gui application. Could anyone lead me to these?

In particular I can’t seem to work out what Mask out areas without elevation is.

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You can find the documentation for the GPF.createProduct method in the API docs.

Select first the package org.esa.snap.core.gpf and then the class GPF. Then the available methods are listed.

Regarding the masks. I don’t know the answere But it has been asked before: search results

With the SRTM 3sec dem, generally there is no elevation data in ocean areas. This option just places a no data value in the terrain corrected result for any pixel where the dem is not defined.