Whats wrong with my system when i am applying orbit file

it was running well in frist time

Character-set is mentioned, you probably should not have non-ASCII characters in the path.

no~it’s doesnot work,but it was running twice before

i finished it,it can’t auto download file

The Java error: unknown protocol: c indicates that a local file path c:... is being used where a URL was expected. It would be nice to see the log file. I wonder if the non-ASCII characters trigger logic that goes like: attempt to open local file using string argument, so trying string as URL.

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it was done after i downloaded orbits,but there is error again when i did this step one more time.

There is a “space”-like character before the “.EOF” in the first line of the list of files.

you mean thses questions are source of error?

Hard to say where or how the -like character was introduced. It can all too easily happen when pasting strings into a text boxes.

ok, thx, i will try to deal with it.

oh! i recall that i always move it after i downloaded.