When did L2A manifest.safe format change?

Hi all,

I need to parse the manifest.safe for L2A image (produced by ESA and available on the scihub).

Earlier, manifest.safe was a (semi-correct) XML file in which you could find the image file location with the xpath expression //dataObject[starts-with(@ID,“IMG_DATA_10m_Band2_Tile”)

In “later” data, this is no longer possible. There is now stuff like this:

<fileLocation locatorType="URL" href="/dpc/app/facilities/PHOEBUS-core/PHOEBUS-core-3.4.317/DP
1TCG_20180809T105031_B02_10m.jp2"/><checksum checksumName="MD5">ea08147eb2713385099bb2b8a7e79388</checksum></byteStream>
</dataObject><dataObject ID="IMG_DATA_Band_B03_10m_Tile1_Data"><byteStream mimeType="application/octet-stream" size="122

in a section that is neither correct XML (so, cannot be easily parsed) and contains a lot of rubbish in the relevant href.

Did anyone notice, and know when this change was made. It is a major pain in the royal behind.


For the record, this problem is apparently related to processor baseline 02.08 which affects L2A data between 22 May 2018 and 8 October 2018. After that date 02.09 was introduced, which produces the half decent XML again.

Always awkward to have to answer one’s own question…

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