When performing TOPSAR-Split operation in landslide analysis, IW2 does not fit into the desired coordinates

While trying to coregistrate s-1 slc data from two different dates for landslide analysis, when selecting IW2 in the Topsar-Split process, the analysis does not fall on the coordinates of the desired location. Can we change the location of the IW2 format while performing the burst process? Anyone have another suggestion?

Note: I also did it with data from different dates, but when IW2 is selected, the coordinates do not correspond to the desired location.

You will need to terrain correct (=geocode) the burst to see where it really is on the ground.

Hello. Actually, I’m analyzing for landslides. I’m a bit new to this subject. I get help from the internet and YouTube videos. When doing landslide analysis, there are IW1, IW2, IW3 in the TopSAR-Split section. Which of these images should I choose or how are these choices determined? Can you help me on this issue? Additionally, if there is a resource or YouTube video that includes all the stages of landslide analysis from start to finish, can you share it with me?

You need the sub-swaths that cover your area of interest.

Here’s a tutorial from 3 years ago using an older version of SNAP: