When snappy upgrade to latest python versions?


I wonder when you will upgrade the snappy support for newer versions of python.
We are facing now a big problem with python support of snappy.

We are using snappy on a JupyterHub (The Littlest Jupyterh Hub TLJH) in our cloud platform.
Problem is now, that the support for python 3.6 was dropped from the JupyterHub developers (SOURCE LINK) and we cannot use python 3.6 environments anymore.

Do you plan to upgrade snappy to support newer versions of snappy in the near furture?

All the best, Florian

I think you are not alone. Python 3.6 will be at the end of the the python.org support period just before Christmas, so many IT groups will insist that it is now time to move on. The downside is that fewer eyes have seen jpy on newer Python versions, so it is possible you will be the first to encounter an issue with a newer Python version. It would be smart to arrange some tests to make sure your workflows aren’t affected by the change. Snappy already provides instructions for building jpy with a newer Python. I have tried several Python versions on several linux distros – all succeeded in building a jpy wheel, but I have not done [didn’t have time for] extensive testing.

Hi @gnwiii that sounds promising.

Could you briefly describe how to build the jpy wheel to use snappy on newer py versions or share a link at least, where to find that information?

Would be great!

Many new Python distros will include a different Python snappy module, so you may need some extra steps (Python environment) to ensure that you get the ESA SNAP snappy.

If your cloud platform uses anaconda python there are already some jpy packages. If you are lucky, there will be one for your configuration. Use Anaconda Org Search for jpy.

If you have command-line access on the cloud system or another system with the same OS as your cloud provides, using the same new python version and SNAP, follow:

https://senbox.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SNAP/pages/50855941/Configure+Python+to+use+the+SNAP-Python+snappy+interface. The snappy-conf step will fail. When that happens, the log provides instructions for building your own jpy wheel with an “unsupported” Python version.

These instructions also show a method to modify your python scripts to set the path for the ESA SNAP snappy module. I recommend this approach over trying to install ESA SNAP snappy in a system location. Even if a different snappy package is not present now, one may be installed as a requirement for other packages.