Where are the SNAP desktop log files on a Mac?

No problems installing SNAP on Mac OSX and I was able to calibrate images. But I can’t find the log or var folders anywhere, SNAP seems to do the desktop configuration differently on a Mac.

I found this information:
"On Windows, the SNAP Desktop configuration is stored in the HOMEPATH/AppData/Roaming/SNAP directory. On other platform (Unixes), it is $HOME/.snap/system.
This directory may contain the following sub-directories:

  • etc - NetBeans Platform application configuration
  • config - SNAP Desktop user preferences and UI configurations
  • var/log - SNAP Desktop log files – **this is the one I want
  • var/cache - NetBeans Platform cache files
  • modules - SNAP extension module installations and updates (JARs)

I can find modules, config etc but not the var/log folders. Any ideas?

Hello wezzawia,

on Mac almost everything works a bit different. :slight_smile:

I don’t know the location for sure but it is probably here:
/Users/wezzawia/Library/Application Support/SNAP/6.0/var/log/messages.log

or similar.

Probably it is easier to go to the Help menu in SNAP desktop and select ‘Open Log Directory’. This should open the folder where the log files are located.

Thanks for the help @marpet!

The Help menu >> Show log directory worked. This opens a finder window where, under my user folder, there is now a semi-transparent .snap folder that has the var and log folders. It seems it’s somehow “invisible” as it doesn’t work to search for the name or path of the folders. I’m sure there’s some way to undo this (and I have no idea why that’s the default setting on a Mac) but the Help menu solves the problem.