Where can I find the Sentinel-2 HTML folder in Google Cloud Storage?

I’m using sen2cor to make the atmospheric correction to Sentinel-2 L1C imagery downloaded from google cloud storage. I’m getting an error from sen2cor because it uses a file in the HTML directory which seems to be missing in the GCP bucket. I used this Downloading Sentinel-2 data from Google Cloud Storage with Python? to build the .SAFE folder.

How can I download the HTML folder? or How can I use sen2cor without this folder?

Hello df.nino10,

Sen2Cor checks for the existence of two empty folders in the product root directory: HTML and AUX_DATA. If they doesn’t exist, then processing stops.
If these folders are not contained in a L1C product downloaded from Google, then simply add them.
It is quite stupid that Sen2Cor needs these empty folders, but Sen2Cor is running in an operational environment where strict checks of product format are required.

Kind regards

Thank you for your help!

I decided not to use the GCP bucket. I used instead the sentinelsat library for python which is free and contains the whole .Safe folder.