Where in Github can I get the Snap Operators written in Java

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I have been checking the GitHub (https://github.com/senbox-org/snap-engine) of Snap, I wanted to find where are published all the Snap operators (in Java, the source code), but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. Could you tell me where are they stored?

Is this what are you looking for!

senbox-org/ snap-engine

Source: https://github.com/senbox-org/snap-engine/tree/master/snap-binning/src/main/java/org/esa/snap/binning/operator

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Go to org.esa.snap.core.gpf.Operator (within snap-engine -> snap-gpf), and then search all usages of this class in extends clauses. Like this you find all the operator classes.
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Thanks Oana, but what I’d like to see is the code in Java of the operator classes, I guess the best way is in Github, but where?

There is a different location for each operator…
The best way is to install an IDE (IntelliJ), git clone on snap-engine, snap-desktop, s1tbx, s2tbx, s3tbx, put them together in a project and then start to look at the code…
In github … it is difficult to discover all the locations (for example I find 215 usages of Operator in extends clauses)


Thanks a lot!! I think I will try with S1 so far!


Thanks Oana, I hope this advice is also in the FAQ and instructions for developers…

On STEP website, under Community -> Developers ( http://step.esa.int/main/community/developers/ ), we have a link towards Developers Wiki:
where in the Cookbook of SNAP development, we have sections like “How to build SNAP from sources”, “How to run and debug SNAP from an IDE” and “How to integrate a new processor”.