Where is the YAML doc mentioned in Software User Manual?

The Software User Manual for Sen2Cor v2.9, found here, mentions on page 59:
"4. copy the yml configuration file called env_sen2cor_python2.7.yml
which is provided in the attachment of this document and execute the
following command:
conda env create --prefix /Users/user/opt/miniconda2/envs/sen2cor -f env_sen2cor_python2.7.yml "

I don’t see any kind of attachment. Where do I get the YAML for env_sen2cor_python2.7?

I went to the docs for v2.10. The Software User Manual for that version includes a YAML. http://step.esa.int/thirdparties/sen2cor/2.10.0/docs/S2-PDGS-MPC-L2A-SUM-V2.10.0.pdf I’m not sure if that YAML is correct for the v2.9.