Where to find the scale bar?


in some tutorials the old software NEST is used and there a yellow scale bar is visible (often) but by adapting a tutorial in SNAP there is no scale bar. Does someone know where to find it or when it appears?

I use Sentinel 1 data and i have deburst, calibrated and terrain corrected the images but i have never seen a scale bar and my prof wants to have screenshots from the programme with scale bar.

I hope that there is a simple solution

What you are looking for is in the layer manager.
Add a new layer and select Mapping Tools. There you have several options, among them is the scale bar.


is there any way, the scale bar adjusts when zooming in?
I need to show a specific area, but the north arrow and the scalebar stay in the corners…

appreciate your help!

would it help to simply resize the SNAP window so that the extent is smaller while the size of the scale bar remains the same?