Where will the downloaded DEM data(while doing terrain correction and terrain flattening using s1tbx) will be stored in the harddisk?

When we do terrain correction or terrain flattening of a Sentinel-1 image using Sanp desktop or gpt, DEM data of that particular area will be automatically downloaded to carryout that particular processing.
Here, my question is, where will that downloaded DEM data is stored in the zip file ? How can I access that DEM files using python and use it in my analysis ?

In Windows it does into …users/.snap/auxdata/dem …

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@mengdahl Got it ! Thank You.

In this particular location, dem data of all the previously processed images are stored. How can I know what all dems were used for my particular processing in the last session and use them for my further processing using python

You could clear the folder and then start a new processing. Then the necessary tiles are downloaded.

Depending on your use case their are other ways to work with the DEM data.
I’m not sure if the Terrain Correction adds the DEM data to the processed product (can’t look it up at the moment), if not you can use the operator “AddElevationBand” (not sure if the name is correct) to add the DEM data to you product. Then you have the data at hand and you don’t need to work DEM file cache.

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