Which cross polarization(VH or HV) is good for agricultural processing

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I will be using sentinel 1, IW mode, GRDH data for agricultural crop analysis, for that which cross polarization, like VH or HV is good to download the data. please help me sir.

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Very good question!
It will be very informative to know which types of polarization are more suitable for which types of physical processes… vegetation , landslide , glacier etc. If someone can place links here it will be very useful specially for those who work with the data but not necessarily have profound knowledge of Geology.

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Over land, you will only have VH, so no real choice.

Thank you very much for this reply Glemoine.
However, I think I have already accessed S1 GRD products (with IW sensor mode) covering only land, which are coming with VV, VH and HH Polarization. This is why I am interested to know more about the difference these Polarization modes may make on the quality of the data. Are these polarization modes make differences in image classification/segmentation/landslide estimation etc … In general any online information regarding this Polarization modes will be appreciated.

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Unlikely. There is no IW GRD data with all 3 polarizations. There is some with HH and HV, instead of the usual VV and VH, but that’s the exception.

Yes, you are right. I think I had to explain more clearly. There are no Sentinel-1 image with 3 polarization modes. I just meant that there exist few ones with HH polarization. Currently I am working on offset-tracking and landslide estimation. I used some data with HH polarization (according to a tutorial) for glacier velocity estimation. Now I am repeating the same procedure for landslide estimation using images with VV and VH polarization which are more abundant for S1. But at this point I do not have clear idea about pros and cons of these modes for different scenarios.