Which data is more suitable for flood ChangeDetection?

There are a lot of ways for flood ChangeDetection , from my opinion,optical data is better than SAR data because of its clear views and advanced technology.But for my study, it is difficult to find original way in optical data.

Thus my problem.

if optical data is avalable, it’s totally fine and clearly outperforms SAR regarding image sharpness and spectral resolution.

But especially heavy flooding is often accompanied by thick clouds. So the closer you want to get to the date of the flood incident, the more you need to switch to radar data because of its independency from cloud cover.
Another thing is that, once you developed an algorithm /workflow for the analysis of SAR data, you can more easily apply it on further images while optical images require a more careful radiometric and atmospheric calibration.
Finally, as it can also be the case for a binary classification (flood/non-flood), you don’t even need or want that many spectral bands while one radar band might absolutely sufficient.


Thank you for yor reply. I will use SAR data to study flood detection.