Which is best? sen2cor-02.08.00 in command line or snap, or tool in QGIS

Good morning.
I am new to sen2cor software.
As far as I know, it seems that there are some ways for “Atmosphere correction”.
For example, Usage of sen2cor in command line or in snap, or usage of QGIS(plugin: semi-automatic-classification), and so on.
Which method is best for “Atmosphere correction”?

Actually, I want to calculate (M)LSWI and EVI from Sentinel-2 product as my final goal.
At the first step, I have to do “Atmosphere correction” for Level-1-C products and convert it into Level-2-A.
But I could not catch up.
Could you give your knowledge to me?

Thank you.

L2A products are available for download already for many parts of the world already.
sen2cor converts top of atmosphere reflectance (L1C) to bottom of atmosphere reflectance (L2A).
It does not affect the result if you execute it within SNAP or from the conmand line. You can manually modify some parameters to improve the performance for your specific area when you have more detailed information on topography and atmospheric conditions at the time of acquisition. If you simply run it, results will barely differ from the L2A products which are already available online.
Lastly, “atmospheric correction” is a wide term and often misunderstood related to sen2cor. It correctes for differences regarding illumination water vapor and partially removes slight haze, but it cannot remove entire clouds.

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Dear ABraun.

I am glad to receive your response.
I misunderstood that sen2cor could remove all clouds as “Atmospheric correction”.
But it can not do that.
Thank you for your knowledge.