Which polarisation is most useful for ground displacement detection?

Hi all. I’m still quite new with InSAR processing, and I’m still quite unsure why most studies use VV polarisation for subsidence monitoring, Could this be due to the dielectric effect of the object? what is the advantage of using VV polarisation, say, in urban areas over other polarisations?

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In general please take a look at this table of the different polarization usage in Land use and Land cover,

Also in this terms please read the all article,

Source: https://earth.esa.int/handbooks/asar/CNTR1-1-6.html

Also very good explanations of the difference between SAR polarization has been explained in the following posts,

Source of the post

Source of the post


Sentinel-1 VV is widely available for free and it has a higher SNR than VH-polarisation.