Which satellite missions besides Sentinel 1 provides Single look complex SAR images till the present time?

I would like to do interferometric processing using SAR images of a different bands besides C-Band sentinel 1 data. So, could you suggest me a satellite mission(s) that is still operational till the present if available?

Many SAR missions are operational at the moment, but Sentinel-1 is among the only ones which are freely accessible. If you have budget for commercial data (or find a way to get academic access), the following missions are an option:

and these are to come:

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Excellent list, but you forgot to mention the Spanish PAZ: https://www.hisdesat.es/en/satelites_observ-paz/ which is very similar to TSX and TDX and thus fully compatible. This results in a repeat reate of 4,7, and 11 days for all imaging modes Staring SpotLight to WideScansar.
Btw: the main distributor of the TerraSAR-X satellites is https://www.intelligence-airbusds.com/

Another one is NOVASAR, https://www.sstl.co.uk/space-portfolio/launched-missions/2010-2019/novasar-1-launched-2018


Good point, thank you!