Why doesn't the image show up

Hello, I am Lee. I downloaded the data from esa. However, the image that SNAP opens is not complete, not as the official website shows.Just part of it, as you can see below.

the extent of the tiles does not necessarily reflect the coverage of the scene:

Please have a look here: https://eox.at/2015/12/understanding-sentinel-2-satellite-data/

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First of all, thank you. The area of interest I’ve selected is already included in the downloaded product, but why doesn’t it show in SNAP that it’s black?I don’t know if I understand. Take the liberty of asking, why are those areas black and how can they be displayed? Thanks.

As the earth moves below the satellite which is taking the image, the covered are is not a rectangle but a trapezoid.


But because Sentinel-2 images are so large, they are delivered in smaller tiles. When searching for the area of interest, you are only searching for tiles, but maybe some of them are at the edge of a large scene, thus probably not fully covering valid pixels. This is the case for your scene.

Have a look at the image i posted. The dark green area is the S2 image. Unfortunately, your tile is #FM.

There is nothing to express my gratitude.

Sorry to bother you again. When I open the Sentinel-2 L2A with Projeetion coordinate system UTM zone 51N,it can show the area I want. But, it cannot be resampled. If I choose projection frame UTM zone 50N, it can not show the area I want. But it can be resampled. I want to know why? And I wonder if there are any other ways to resample Sentinel-2 L2A? I want to export TIFF.

maybe a part of the whole image lies in UTM 50 but the part you are working on is no longer in it - consequently it cannot be displayed in that projection.

about resampling of S2, please read here: Resample processing time

I am sorry for replying to the news so late. Thank you very much. My problem has been solved. I have another question for you now about how to remove clouds of the Sentinel-2A. Thanks for the trouble.

There were already several question about Sentinel-2 and clouds. probably one of the answers helps you already.