Why not use Python?

I think most of us are using Python, most APIs are geared toward python, and I love Python.

Occasionally I see people using other languages for algo-trading such as Java, JavaScript, C++ etc.

While I have used all of those languages I don’t understand why people would choose to do algos in other languages besides Python.

Python is syntactically easier and quicker than most other languages.

Python is built to handle statistics and lists faster and easier than most languages (which are incredibly important for algos)

Python has incredible, in depth, open source libraries.

Why do people use other languages?

Edit: sorry guys didn’t mean to start a war

ask google…
and the first results pretty much explain it…


:slight_smile: you are starting a flame war but we can try to indulge it, if the discussion remains civil.

Although I am not as old as this may sound, programming language uptake pretty much depend on the skills of their users, documentation and examples… I have seen language pretty much disappear ( Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, Clipper/dBase/FoxPro ), new ones evolve (Java, JS, Python, C#, Go, Rust, Julia, PHP) and others transform (Perl, C/C++) - their success is not so much dictated by their capabilities (which programming paradigm they support) and characteristics (performance, portability) but in what the they enable for beginners, intermediate and expert programmers.

These days (and since many years) if I need to do something quick and dirty on the desktop I will probably use Python (or Bash/Powershell). But for systems programming (like reading data files and such) I would probably go with C/C++. For parallelism/performance in back-ends I would have a look at Go/Rust. Front-end/Web I would look at JS/Ruby/etc. Mobile (as in Android) java would be a must. For science programming Julia would probably be worth a good look…
Others will give you a different reply because it all depends on their platform, experience, proficiency and tooling.

Guess what I am trying to say is that it depends :slight_smile: things are not so black and white.