Wide Scan SAR TerraSAR-X

Can SNAP import TerraSAR-X Wide Scan SAR SSC to be used in Ocean Object Detection?
EEC products can be visualized, but are not suitable for OOD due to having lost their range/Doppler info.
Is SSC supported for WS?

I tested with sample data from here (which was provided as GRD product) and it seems to work.

As there are not EEC products available for ScanSAR modes, I cannot grant that it will work as well.
But you can download this one (ScanSAR GEC) and test yourself.

Thanks @ABraun, yes, both TerraSAR-X or TanDEM-X detected data can be used in SNAP:

  • Multilook Ground Range Detected, Radiometrically Enhanced (MGD RE of Panama, Wide ScanSAR mode, 6 beams, not geocoded, only roughly place on Earth), and
  • Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected, Radiometrically Enhanced (GEC RE of Ruegen Island, Germany, ScanSAR mode, 4 beams, geocoded by using the ellipsoid height only) product formats.

SNAP pulls in SRTM data for the geocorrection.

They can be properly imported by using the xml file into SNAP to carry out Ocean Object Detection.

Since PAZ only has a replacement in the naming of TSX or TDX by PAZ, this should also be no problem.

so your question has been answered?

yes, thank, all it good now.