Wind field estimation for S1-SLC

Good morning to everyone,

I would like to know which is the recommended preprocessing to run before applying the wind field estimation processor to a SLC data product of S1 in cross-polarization. I guess I should use the VH component of the data, but I am not sure whether the processor should work directly on S1 data or after some pre-processing.
Thanks for the help

The built-in wind-field estimation module in SNAP requires GRD data. It was originally designed for ENVISAT data but as both are C-band sensors with similar resolution, an application to S1 should be possible.
The required pre-processing steps (land masking, calibration) are alreay included in the module.

Have a look if Sentinel-1 Level-2 products are available for your area of interest. These products would give a much better result. The current implementation of CMOD5 in SNAP only gives a result with a 180 deg ambiguity.