Wind Field Retrieval Result Report - Same location but different wind speed estimates


After processing the wind field estimation of a SAR image and looked into the Wind Field Retrieval Report, I noticed that there are certain wind speeds attributed to the same location (i.e. different wind speeds for the same latitude and longitude).

Is solving this issue as simple as selecting either of the two? If so, what should be my basis for the selection?


Hello all,

Same issue here, and in top of that directions sometimes are different to in the same location.

I read on Wind Field estimator bad performance for strong winds (S1A data) that S1 Wind Field algorithm development has stopped.
Do you think that SNAP is a reliable tool to generate Winds from S1 imagery?

Thanks in advance


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From what I know, the algorithm is not exactly suitable for S1. I would recommend other implementations, that can get far more reliable. Take a look here: This algorithm also uses some improvements brought by Mouche et al., 2012. There is a new CMOD7 (openwind uses CMOD5), but I guess once you get the idea, you can modify the CMOD file source. Working on that, I’ll come back with updates if succeeded.