Wind fields from S-1 SAR L2 OCN and IW GRD data

How can we use the graph tool (gpt) to batch process a library of either OCN Leve 2 S-1 SAR or GRD files?

(I indeed tried, but unsuccessfully. )

Our aim is to produce regular maps of wind speed and/or direction estimated from either of these products. Likely more from GRD though as I think OCN are irregularly produced for our Australian region.

I am after creating interpolated OWI wind speed map similar to that shown in the OCN products. Can we use GPT (graph tool) to produce and export this type of maps from the OCN?

Alternatively, I am using the XML file stored in /log as S1A_IW_GRD***Cal_wind_field_report.xml. I parsed the XML file but I am not impressed with the map I produced as it is not looking anything like the corresponding OCN OWI for the same file.

Can anyone who has batch produced wind field estimates from S-1 SAR advise?

Thank to some further thinking and Andreas Braun, a simple kringing (with IDL or Matlab) ran on the file “WindField.csv” found in the vector data of the generated .dim file will do the job. Sorted it seems.