Windows 10 Install - update or install failed?

A lot of time down the pan, not even used it yet (and I am a software developer). So I tried to install two or three ways. (Using Java 1.8 update 333)

  1. Off the exe file in windows explorer - program failed - hung
  2. Off the command line: esa-snap_sentinel_windows-x64_8_0.exe -Dinstall4j.keepLog=true … installed in the default directory.
    …this appeared to work as the program loaded at the end of the install procedure, but as a previous user mentioned there does not appear to be a Snap directory anywhere, and neither does it create a menu item or a desktop icon. So after closing the application I could not reopen it. It seems that I can only load the application at the end of an install process.
  3. As above but specifying a directory directly off the route i.e c:\snap … not where I would like it, but program files wasnt having it.

Anyway closed it and reloaded it …only to have it hang again after a NetBeans integration popped up saying it was updating the application. So as I cant kill the process, I will reboot (beginning to look like a liability rather than facilitator). Rebooted. Directory c:\snap has been abducted by aliens! It’s been deleted. No not hidden.

So back to square 1 - no way of loading without reinstalling. And no faith that if I do get it installed and working it wont just clear out again sometime soon.

We have many thousands of Win 10 users with very few reports of problems with the installers, so it is hard to say what is causing your issues.

Indeed I am sure its difficult for you to say what is causing my issues, but from my point of view, something worth saying, as someone with more insight about this particular issue might come back with a pointer as to cause, or mentioning some install criteria previously undocumented.
Out of curiosity do you have any analysis of the number of windows installs still active. We do need to remember that all to often people download a software and simply never use it, for whatever reason, which might include failed installs. And a failed install does not make certain an issue report!
Anyway appreciate your comment.

As a rough estimate we have tens of thousands of users, ~70% of which are on Windows based on download numbers. There must be something peculiar about your setup, since problem reports in general are rare. It is very strange the installer does not run via GUI, perhaps it was corrupted during download. We are going to start prividing checksums for makingf spotting this easier.

Thanks Marcus - will keep you on the radar for now then. Just a thought is there a previous version repo where I can try an alternative. I saw on the forum I am not the only person having had the missing directory issues, or indeed the hung gui installer, but I appreciate low numbers make it difficult to justify energy spent to diagnose or remedy.

Not only are there many versions of Windows 10, there are many security add-ons and site-specific policies that can cause installers to fail. Have you checked that you have ample free disk space? Have you tried installing immediately after booting in case there is a conflict with one of the other applications you use? If you are in a large enterprise with a centrally managed system you may need to involve your IT support staff.

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@gnwiii Thanks George appreciate the comment. Disk space was not the issue. However your comment about trying the instal immediately after booting prompted me to install in Safe Mode. and now it is working. However since trying the first time to install, for other application reasons I updated from Python27 to current - is there a dependency on Python? Either way - thanks for your help.

Glad you were able to install SNAP. If you are using an “enterprise managed” Windows configuration you may encounter some limitations that should be discussed with your IT support.

SNAP has a python library that uses a Java bridge to run Graph Processing Facility (GPF) operators. GPF underlies much of the SNAP functionality and is also used by the gpt command-line tool. Unfortunately, other python packages called snappy are widely used, so some care is needed to ensure your ESA SNAP scripts use ESA SNAP’s snappy. ESA snappy is useful if you need some calculations not provided by gpt, but the number of operators available usign gpt has increased so snappy is less needed today than a few years ago. Many large organizations no longer allow Python2 for security reasons, but one ESA app that still uses python2.