[Windows] Correct Sen2Cor Version For L1C S2 Image From 2015


I’m using S2 Level-1C and European Settlement Map products from 2015 together to train my classification model.

In this case, I’m trying to work on S2A_MSIL1C_20150823T083006_N0204_R021_T36SWH_20150823T083854.SAFE with MTD_MSIL1C.xml file shown below

For the preprocessing step, I tried to use Sen2Cor v2.11 and Sen2Cor v2.9 yet, I got this error message below for the both versions.

Is there any way for me to preprocess this tile or access the correct version of Sen2Cor, since I couldn’t find any other released version?

Dear @gokdumano,

Thank you for you message.

We were able to download the product you mentioned S2A_MSIL1C_20150823T083006_N0204_R021_T36SWH_20150823T083854.SAFE and run a Sen2Cor processing with Sen2Cor version 2.11.

The issue you are facing happens at the very beginning of the process and could be related to a problem of disk space or permission rights where the L2A product is generated.

The correct Sen2Cor log should look like this:

“Sen2Cor. Version: 02.11.00, created: 2022.10.20, supporting Level-1C product version 14.2 - 14.9 started …
Old product version 14.2 detected, - will be updated to 14.6
Processing baseline will also be updated
Operation mode: TOOLBOX
Processing baseline: 99.99
Progress[]: 0.00 : Generating datastrip metadata
L2A datastrip successfully generated
No resolution specified, will process 20 and 10 m resolution
20 m resolution will be downsampled to 60 m
AUX_ECMWFT file not present
Progress[]: 0.03 : PID-18160, L2A_ProcessTile: processing with resolution 20 m, elapsed time[s]: 0.528, total: 0:00:02.495000
Progress[]: 0.03 : PID-18160, L2A_ProcessTile: start of pre processing, elapsed time[s]: 0.000, total: 0:00:02.495000
no ozone values found in input data, default (331) will be used

We hope you find these suggestions useful.