WMS google earth

Is it possible to use google earth and add it as wms? If yes which is the url for WMS to use ?

I don’t think so. SNAP is not a GIS software.

However, you can export your products to be readable by QGIS where you can use map background via the OpenLayers plugin.

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@qglaude You underestimate SNAP :wink:

If you have opened and displayed a geocoded (WGS84) raster you can select “add layer” in the mapping tools:

Add a service URL of a WMS, for example the OWS terrestris OpenStreetMap

Select a layer in the following dialogue:

Click “Next” and “Finish” - there you have it:


Yes, we can display map from Web Mapping Services.
But displaying Google Earth as WMS within SNAP is not possible.
But what you can do is to export a displayed image as KMZ file and show it on the Google Earth globe.

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I learn new things everyday :smiley: Thanks !

Hello friends.
How can we generate this type of map from google earth display screen?