Wobble/misalignment issue when comparing Sentinel-2 images at different times

I’ve noticed that when I zoom right in on a Sentinel-2A tile the pixels appear to be misaligned when compared to an observation at a different time. To demonstrate, this animated gif flicks between one Sentinel-2A image and then another 10 days later. I’ve also noticed that there is a persistent wobble/shift over a whole years (2017) worth of Sentinel-2A (and B) data.

The file names used to create the gif are:
S2A_MSIL2A_20170128T001211_N0204_R073_T55HCU_20170128T001506 S2A_MSIL2A_20170207T001211_N0204_R073_T55HCU_20170207T001641

My question is – Is this a known issue? And if so, can it be corrected for within SNAP?

I believe this issue is related to this question (which isn’t resolved yet): Strong pixel shifts in image (different sensing orbits)

The wobble (or shift) is apparent for L1C, L2A and L2A after Reprojection (Raster -> Geometric Operations -> Reprojection). I’ve also tried Collocation (Raster -> Geometric Operations -> Collocation) but the wobble is still there when comparing the master to the slave.


hi! I am facing the same problem as you described.
Have you by any chance that have figured it out why causes this pixels shift problem?

many thanks!

Until a mission (S2A or S2B) was declared “fully stabilised” by the Q/A process some slight spatial misalignments were to be expected - you have to fix them yourself.

see the thread containing this message: