Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Could you show the content of the INSAR_20180707 folder?

Dear @mdelgado, after StaMPS export in SNAP i got 4 directories. Screenshot_3
The rslc folder has these contents

I dont know why this is happening, i also checked all the interferograms they seems good.

In my PATCH_1 folder “pscands.1.ij0” is empty. Can anyone tells me the possible reason behind this.
Here is the screenshot

Dear @mdelgado i solved this error, it was due to some typo error.

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Hello @ABraun

Why the polarization of HH?
Is the VV polarization not better for detecting the deformation of the surface?

I can’t exactly tell which one is more promising for InSAR applications of surface deformation, but there are studies which argue in favor of certain polarizations.
My main point was that if Sentinel-1 data is being used, the co-polarization channel (mostly VV, but HH in some specific regions, see the last figure on this page) is better than the cross-pol channel, mainly because of two reasons:

This was why I advised to reduce the data to the VV or HH information (whatever is available, mostly not both at a time) already at the interferogram generation step.

Hi all.

I want to share my results over Mexico City where important subsidences have been identified. According to the analysis I made with 13 images, I identify displacements between -262 to 110 mm/y in LOS and relative magnitudes. I have measurements with GNSS equipment and leveling, I want to validate the results with these measurements but when I export to ascii format, I get columns that I do not understand what represent.


Despite the values should be ok, as the subsidence is such high than other error sources surely are negligible, I would suggest you to consider a wider time span.

Good job!

Thanks @mdelgado

I am downloading more images, I will process data of the full year (more than 20 images) and I will tell you the result.

Dear @ABraun can you tell me do we still need to manually replace the ps_plot and mt_prep_gamma_snap file which were modified last time. I am using the latest version of snap.

@ABraun also i am continuously facing issues with ps_plot. not a single variable is working properly in matlab, i have completed all steps successfully. i have manually replaced the ps_plot files provided here in the forum.

no, since the 4.1beta versions, all scripts are directly usable (mt_prep_snap)

and what about the ps_load_initial_gamma file??
should i again install the stamps package??

I would suggest to completely remove all old stamps versions and only use 4.1beta, then compile the scripts (make, make install) again, adjust the config file, source it and start the processing from scratch.

Thanks @ABraun for your kind suggestion. :slight_smile:
I am struggling with ps_plot :expressionless::tired_face:

What can I say… I don’t know your data and your computer.
If the processing is correct, you should already be able to use ps_plot’(‘w’) after step 5. If this doesn’t work, your matlab scripts are old or not accessible or your processed data is not correct.

Please use ps_plot functions from previous version.

you mean it is required to replace the scripts by ones of an older installation?

Or just adding the path of the previous StaMPS/matlab folder into matlab using the command:

only for the plotting part and then remove it from the path

I do that for not mixing/removing functions that could be used somewhere else, maybe unefficient, but working and stable solution

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Hi @ABraun, @katherine thank you for your previous helping, that me have some progress forward in processing, but I have been facing the problem again, might I ask you about that. the first problem is when I try to run mt_prep_gamma in command line the result show is not found and I try different ways but it’s still the same (image attached)
second, about running Stamps in Matlab with the error not define, I have read some common mistake above but cannot find the answer
Thank you so much for your helping again
Tran Rick