Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

1-move the ‘PSI’ folder to your Linux directory,

2- use the shell to create a new folder, (LINUX)

mkdir ~/INSAR_master_date

3- copy the folder ‘PSI’ into this folder ‘INSAR_master_date’

cp ~/PSI ~/INSAR_master_date

Now you’re ready to start as explained in the previous post.

i couldnt copy the file from hard disk to the linux directory which i created

however without using the code i am able to rightclick copy and paste

Connected folder between WINDOWS AND LINUX, is highly recommended to be in double boot machines, Otherwise, the solution is more complicated to you now, you should copy the folder to the external HD, and then re-boot to LINUX copy and paste the folder there,

i copied the file from my hard disk…
Then i opened the terminal within the copied PSI file which was renamed as INSAR_

I got such…

in matlab:
please guide me to solve these error…

It is nice that you reached this advanced step, well done, this error could be related to two things,

Reinstall matlab for stamps

Could solve this issue,


Read this suggestion,

You have actually run mt_prep and not mt_prep_snap .
Run mt_prep_snap and try again with StaMPS.
You are close! Good luck!

i am getting like this now… @mdelgado

@falahfakhri reinstalling matlab is quite tedious for me as i require my institute it people to do it again… So i dont think its feasible… kindly suggest me something else

please install gawk , as the command is not found.
run : sudo apt-get install gawk

Later, run mt_prep_snap with the correct parameters, as the way you have used it is not as in the usage.

mt_prep_snap MASTER INSAR_FOLDER amp_thr patch_az patch_rg


as @mdelgado said run

you didn’t type the reference image

mt_prep_snap 20170801

I suggest to run without any parameters at the beginning as a try,

Also I found that I already mentioned to you in this post,



and the folder where data is found (2nd parameter needed from the mandatory list)
mt_prep_snap MASTER INSAR_FOLDER amp_thr patch_az patch_rg

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Yes, as you mentioned.

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thank you @falahfakhri and @mdelgado… i did as per your suggestion and now the process is running the terminal… Thank you for your guidance… will let your if things are running in matlab soon…

You are welcome.

Good processing!

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i am getting such an error in stamps(2,2)

Could anybody tell me what it is and how to solve it?

Well, apparently the system needs too much memory. As you see … there are over 2 million PS candidates and apparently the initialisation of the several variables needs to much memory.

I was wondering if you used the script I have provided to you for the step1, and then, another try is to make many more PATCHes… not only 2x2. But this is related to your AOI. How big is your AOI??? Following StaMPS manual they recommend not to exceed 2 million PS on the candidates, as the processing is less performant. Better to increase the number of PATCHES. Give a try to both thoughts and let us know.

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okay will try giving more patches

At first i gave the patches to be 5x5 that is i got 25 patches and during the step 2 at patch 4 itself it showed error…
Now, i gave 10x10 that is 100 patches and mt process stopped in step 2 at patch 8…

Kindly guide me with this issue…
@ABraun @thho @mdelgado @falahfakhri

No worries , the solution is here,
Might be it is different error , but

Solution stamps (2,2) step

Before applying the stamps (2,2)

I highly recommend deleting any files have been created out of the four folders already have been created before , resulted from previous applying of stamps (1,1), then reapply stamps(1,1) and continue applying next steps.

Please let me know if it helps,

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