Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Dear Carlos,
In the attached file I can only see the parameters you have defined, and based on that step 5 should be skipped… as no merging parameters had been set.
Can you please provide the StaMPS log? If would need, we can try to discuss about it carefully or send me a private message.
Jose Manuel

Dear @CarlosSierralta ,

Can you please stick to Englisch. So that we all can understand what your post is about.

Here the translation by
Dear Jose Manuel @mdelgado
I am working with a fairly large portion of the city of Santiago de Chile. As a result, STAMPS found 12.6M candidates, which dropped as the selection was fine-tuned in stages 3 and 4. However, in step 5, I got an unchanged error> The pixel size (28) is smaller than the search radius (32). Modify the last parameter in the matlab editor and in the line marked down the radius to 16. However, matlab still makes the same mistake.
I copy the log, in case you have time and the kindness to observe where I can correct the error.
From the start, I will start by lowering the initial threshold to 0.3, understanding that in a highly urbanized city like mine, there is a good chance of finding persistent reflective targets (it took me about 16 hours to complete steps 3 and 4). And maybe I’ll raise the weeding StDv to 1.5, to select more refined candidates, believing that there may also be the problem of search radius.
It goes without accents because in Linux I can’t find some characters.
Greetings and thanks in advance

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Excuse me.

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Has someone the code ps_plot.m? The one I have always throws me the following error;
ps_plot (‘w’)
Error: File: ps_plot.m Line: 317 Column: 1
Illegal use of reserved keyword “else”.
With @mdelgado we believe it may be due to a corrupt version of the script

I’m using the 3.3b1 version, by the way

I have sent you already a private message. Please check


how to solve the “already contains…”?


do you have both VV and VH in your stack?

hi Abraun

Yes, I have HH and VH in my stack.


Try to reduce your data to HH only at the beginning. This saves a lot of time (and disk space) and you need only one polarization anyway. I cannot promise that this caused your error but chances are good that there is no confusion between the bands any longer.

Thanks! I try to it!

I am a freshman at SNAP&StaMPS. I have learned a lot from here, thank you all.
I successfully ran mt_prep_snap by cygwin64 (using a modified version provided by someone else on the web). But after running mt_prep_snap, the matlab automatically jumped out, said ""Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: \StaMPS-4.1-beta\matlab:

After that, I opened the matlab from the terminal and show as the second picture.

I don’t know what to do. I hope that someone can help me,please . Thank you very much.
ps. my matlab is windows R2016a.

I want to know how to configure matlab under cygwin64,i need your help

Your screenshots are too small to be readable I’m afraid.

I found a solution of this problem.!topic/mainsar/MDMV9yXDl1g
But it’s too simple, I can’t understand how to execute. I have done creat a startup.m and addpath, but I don’t know how to correct “the call of matlab scrip”
Thank you very much

when i run mt_prep_gamma in cygwin64 like this:
and the bash error occurs,how to deal with it

did you modify and source CONFIG.tcsh as described in the stamps manual?

see here: How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5

no I have not done it ?my system is under cygwin64
i need your advice sinceresly!

does source like this?
and what to modify?

please read the manual. Chapter 2 - you need to tell StaMPS where the installed programs are.

Sorry, but I can’t give any more advise on cygwin - it didn’t work for me and causes new problems.