Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Sometimes pip comes alone, just be sure you install it on your system. Normally anaconda brings it inside, but all environmental variables should be set up and loaded properly.

I removed anaconda, and I have now python 2.7 , so pip.exe does’t exist. within the script folder. and the previous comment it was concerning python 2.7.

Well… so now you need to get the pathlib install…
I have found in linux really easy to do so using pip… but surely somebody that make it work in Windows could bring some more light on your issue.
I hope that you will manage to solve it soon.
Let us know

pip can easily be installed afterwards by downloading the script from this page:

then simply call it in the shell: python

Once pip is installed, you can use it to retrieve all required packages.


Thank you Falahfakhri

Hi mdelgado Thank you so much for your instruction and your time I will try it again!!

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I’m also process my data might be in different way, I failed with python, but let discuss since our goal is psi.

Hi Abraun Thank you so much for your helping !

Hi Andy, and @mdelgado

After doing the instruction you referred to in your post


I still have this issue

when I’m writing

pip list

I have



the scripts is available now and I installed pip

please try the following:

  1. open the command shell
  2. navigate to the folder where pip was installed: cd C:\Python27\Scripts
  3. type pip list

It should be recognized and executed then.

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I got it

Tremendous thanks,

Should all be installed?

following python modules: os, sys, pathlib, shutil, glob, subprocess, shlex, time

I succeeded to install pathlib, however the other are

os, sys, and subprocess are already part of the basic python installation and don’t need to be installed separately.
A complete list is given here:

Dear all
I am using 15 SENTINEL-1 SLC products for PSinSAR. Until stAMP’s step 6 my processing was going on well. But when " step 6 - Unwrapping"- starting this type of error coming… Did anybody face same problem? Please let me know the reason of this error. Thank you all.

ndex in position 1 is invalid. Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

Error in uw_grid_wrapped (line 110)

Error in uw_3d (line 155)

Error in ps_unwrap (line 235)

Error in stamps (line 503)

is snaphu installed correctly on your system? You can test by simply typing snaphu in your shell after sourcing your StaMPS_config file.

yes, i checked. still this error coming. What is mean “Error using /
Matrix dimensions must agree” ? is it depends from Matlab? How can i solve. Please help me?

which StaMPS version do you use and which command (mt_prep) did you use to prepare the data?